Winter Aconite 'In the Green'

Winter Aconite 'In the Green'


Add a little sunshine to your dull winter garden with a carpet of beautiful Winter Aconites. Striking yellow blooms cover the plants throughout the winter. Winter Aconites thrive under trees in dappled shade but will grow in borders or pots in most aspects of the garden. Supplied to you in the green.

Plant under your trees, in your borders among shrubs and emerging perennials, in rockeries or in shaded containers.

The bulbs in this pack are 'in the green' which is the best way to buy and plant Winter Aconites as the success rate is much higher planting them in the green rather than as a dry bulb. If the bulbs are 'in the green' they are actively growing shoots and roots, may have the odd flower on and will look a little scruffy but it really is the best way to plant Winter Aconites in preparation for years of flowering to come

Latin Name: Erianthis hyemalis

Common Name: Winter Aconite

Height: 8-10cm

Blooming: January-March

Site: Shade, Partial Shade

Position: Front of border, Containers, Woodland Garden, Under Trees

Format Type: In the green bulbs, perennial