Tree & Shrub Bio-Active 1st Year Feed with Rootgrow

Tree & Shrub Bio-Active 1st Year Feed with Rootgrow


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Empathy After Plant Tree & Shrub- a refined plant feed created especially for trees & shrubs giving them all they need to perform well & keep healthy. Soil grown plants will benefit by being treated during establishment in the first year whilst their root system and fungal partners develop. Container plants require application twice a year for best results. 

Empathy After Plant encourages healthy blooms & lush foliage throughout the year for trees & shrubs.

Rootgrow contains mycorrhizal fungi which is a completely natural, plant friendly fungi which can help benefit the performance of flowering plants, trees, shrubs & edible plants. Within just a short few weeks Rootgrow creates a secondary root system that will support a plant or tree for its lifetime

How Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi works:

  • Superior water & nutrient uptake with enhance nutrient vigour 
  • More abundant flowers & heavier cropping
  • Plants needing less synthetic fertiliser and surviving better in dry conditions
  • Added resilience in overcoming replant problems

Easy to apply- application guide on the back of each pack.

For acidic loving plants you need to use the Rootgrow ericoid- coming soon, message us to pre-order for spring!