Single Snowdrops 'In the Green'

Single Snowdrops 'In the Green'


Frosty ground, cold winter air, what better way to lighten the mood than to stumble across the natural beauty of the Snowdrop in late winter? The single flowering variety of Snowdrops are just so pretty and will add elegance to even the most humble winter garden. 

The bulbs in this pack are 'in the green' which is the best way to buy and plant Snowdrops as the success rate is much higher planting them in the green rather than as a dry bulb. If the bulbs are 'in the green' they are actively growing shoots and roots, may have the odd flower on and will look a little scruffy but it really is the best way to plant Snowdrops in preparation for years of flowering to come

Latin Name: Galanthus nivalis

Common Name: Single Snowdrop

Height: 10cm

Blooming: January-March

Site: Shade

Position: Front of border, containers

Format Type: In the green bulbs, perennial