Patio Apple 'Rosette'

Patio Apple 'Rosette'


 Rosy pink apples that produce a lovely sharp-sweet juice. The real beauty is within the flesh of this delicious Apple 'Rosette' fruit . When you cut a Rosette apple in half, you should see a pretty pink ombre run through the flesh of the fruit. Perfect for edible decor on salads or breakfasts and tasty to eat too. This is a patio variety and has been especially grafted to ensure the tree stays small but still gives you a good bundle of apples too. Perfect for small gardens, patios or even balcony gardens! 

Latin Name: Malus 'Rosette'

Common Name: Apple 'Rosette' Patio Type

Height: 1-1.2 m

Blooming: Spring

Use: Eating apple, juices

Harvest: September-October

Root Stock: M27

Site: Full sun or partial shade

Position: Border, Patio Container

Format Type: Potted plant, 11.5 Litre Pot

The plant you will receive are in an 11.5 Litre  pot and have good growth showing. (no flowers).
Keep damp and fed with a good plant feed throughout the spring season to encourage development, feed after all frosts have finished. 
IF ordering early in the season: plants are small but the roots are strong & ready to be planted out now. Planting now will help settle the roots into the soil, preparing the plants for the spring growing season. 

How is the plant delivered to you? All our pot plants are sent out with some growth, you may have tiny growth shoots or lots of growth. This depends on the time of year that the plants are ordered. The root systems will be healthy and full, ready for planting in the garden straight away so that the top growth can really get going! We pack our plants as carefully and safely as we can to ensure they are delivered to you with no or as little damage as possible. We also send the plants out slightly damp, sometimes a little on the dryer side for transit. Do ensure that you take your plants out of our packaging as soon as you have received them and give them a good water.