Micro Greens Seed Collection Superfood

Micro Greens Seeds Super Food Collection


A wonderful way to get started & try all of the micro greens seed varieties we have on offer! Fabulous colours, flavours, aromatics are produced from this wonderful collection of micro green seeds

Collection includes:

1 x Pack Beetroot Micro Greens approx 800 seeds

1 x Pack Coriander Micro Greens approx 1000 seeds

1 x Pack Chard Micro Greens approx 800 seeds

1 x Pack Radish Micro Greens approx 1500 seeds

1 x Pack Fenugreek Micro Greens approx 30g seeds 

Micro Greens are quick and easy to grow

Approx 30g per packet

Johnsons micro green seeds.. check out the full range here in our Kitchen Garden

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