Variegated Ficus Rubber Plant

Ficus Variegated Rubber Plant


Striking variegated foliage looks wonderful in the home, the Rubber Plant Ficus has broad, gorgeous slightly glossy leaves that make a statement. A low maintenance house plant that is happy to grow in sunny or partially shaded positions in the home or office. Keep soil damp, not wet and feed once a season. Ficus is an easy care house plant and a natural air purifying plant.

Also know as the Rubber Fig

This is an indoor ornamental plant. (non fruiting, foliage only)

Dress your desk at work, a windowsill at home or use to decorate your home with plants! Add some green to your indoor space & are quite low maintenance plants to look after.

Grown and supplied in 14-15 cm pot delivered to you in a strong cardboard box, tightly packaged to prevent damage in transit

 After Care: Remove plants from packaging as soon as they arrive, we tend to send plants out slightly dryer for transit so ensure you give them a little water after removing from packaging.

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