Dahlia 'Black Touch'

Dahlia 'Black Touch'


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Blooms so rich in colour, such a deep red-maroon that they are almost black. A striking variety which is somewhere between a cactus & decorative type of Dahlia with it's layered, slightly spike-like tipped petals. A tall variety perfect for the back of the border or a show-stopping container garden.

Name: Dahlia 'Black Touch'

Planting Tubers: Indoors Feb-March then plant into the garden after frosts have finished or plant straight outdoors in March-April

Site: Full sun or partial shade & well drained soil

Height: 90-120cm 

Flowers: July- to first frosts

Wildlife: none

Care: Slugs & snails love the young growth of Dahlia, be sure to use suitable pest control to keep their nibbles at bay! Taller varieties of Dahlia may need a little support later in the season to keep them upright. Keep your Dahlia blooming well by feeding regularly in the summer season, use a high phosphate feed such as a tomato food for better results. Dead head Dahlia flowers to encourage more blooms to follow.

How your bulbs arrive to you;

Our bulbs come to you safely packed & with a helpful instruction booklet. Store your bulbs somewhere cool, keep out of direct sunlight, until ready to plant. Mice tend to like nibbling on bulbs, keep them somewhere safe away from hungry mice!