Cyclamen Hederifolium

Cyclamen Hederifolium


Cyclamen Hederifolium is a hardy type of Cyclamen which can happily grow at the base of trees or shrubs, spreading slowly over many years this variety of Cyclamen can create lovely patches of colour for the autumn/spring

Name: Cyclamen Hederifolium

Planting tip: when planting bulbs, throw in a small handful of Empathy Bulb Starter, this helps promote healthy & strong root growth & helps to keep bulbs health in good standing whilst developing. This will also aid the development of the flower stem & bloom later in the spring. Add to your order from the options above or shop here.

Site: Full sun, partial shade & well drained soil

Height: 10-15 cm

Flowers: Spring

Wildlife: Pollinators

How your bulbs arrive to you;

Our bulbs come to you safely packed in paper bags & either Jiffy bag or box depending on how many ordered. Store your bulbs somewhere cool, keep out of direct sunlight, until ready to plant. Mice tend to like nibbling on bulbs, keep them somewhere safe away from hungry mice!

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