How to Plant Bulbs 'in the Green'

How to Plant & Care for Bulbs ‘In the Green’

Bulbs 'in the green' are the best way to buy and plant bulbs such as Snowdrops & Bluebells as the success rate is much higher planting them in the green in late winter- early spring rather than as a dry bulb in the autumn. If the bulbs are 'in the green' they are actively growing shoots and roots, may have the odd flower on and will look a little scruffy with some yellow leaves but it really is the best way to plant certain bulbs in preparation for flowering the following year and years to come.


Dig a hole wide enough to place the bulbs in easily, about 10cm deep so that when planting the white/creamier part of the lower growth is underground, leaving only the green/yellow growth on the top of the soil’s surface. Gently but firmly move the soil left from digging the hole, evenly around the base of the plants filling up gaps and holes. Gently firm the soil down to ensure the bulbs are nice and secure in their new home.

The bulbs will die back soon after planting, this is when the bulbs underground get to work! They swell, take in food and settle into the ground all in preparation for flowering the following year.