£9.99 Professional Jiffy Multi-purpose Compost 70 Litres

£9.99 Professional Jiffy Multi-purpose Compost 70 Litres


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Dispatching March 2018

Give your plants the high standard, professional grade & quality compost they deserve to be sure to get good results this year.

We are extremely proud to be able to offer our customers such a reputable brand in compost

Why is it so special?

The mix is specifically pulled together for professional, commercial growers the world over and with that in mind, you can be sure you are getting the very best mix of compost for your plants to thrive in.

What does it contain?

70% Baltic white peat, this comes from the top layer of the peat bogs and is made from Sphagnum moss. This absorbs moisture into the compost properly, rather than water running off or through the compost, it actually absorbs the moisture making it more attainable for the plant roots. This also keeps the mix light & fluffy, not congested or sticky like other brands

20% natural bark materials, this helps with drainage of excess moisture & helps with aeration to the root systems, allowing them to move & breathe through the fluffy mix without getting trapped 

Lime is also a component within this mix which helps keep the pH level stable throughout the compost, making it usable for all plants and areas throughout your garden (except highly acidic loving plants)

Boosting fertilizer, not only does it have all the above, it also has a tref based fertilizer which gives your plants a 4-6 week food boost to get them going!

Why go anywhere else when you can not only buy the very best professional compost from us, but also have it delivered to your door? No more lugging around heavy bags of compost into your car!